A Delicate Ship, The Road at Magnolia 2018

"But look at Nick Santiago’s beautiful video design, and the horrible weather suddenly stops, and we see a sparkling view of the Manhattan skyline from Brooklyn."

- Tony Frankel, Stage and Cinema


Church & State, Skylight Theatre 2016

"But de Santos’ clear-eyed staging also comes with the shrewd disclaimer of Nicholas Santiago’s sleek projections — namely a preshow montage of C-SPAN Senate video that serves as a chastening reminder of just how much wishful thinking a real-life Charlie Whitmore actually is."

- Bill Raden, LA Weekly


A Permanent Image, Rogue Machine 2015

"The play's engine carries it to a moving and visually arresting conclusion, with the help of Nicholas Santiago's video projections on David A. Mauer's set."

- Margaret Gray, LA TImes


"Nicholas Santiago's video projection designs deserve top billing here as their clever, inventive use of home movies initially projected onto the sofa make you believe Martin's actually sitting on the sofa. And, not to spoil the ending, projections used at the finale - so perfect!"

- Gil Kaan, Broadway World LA